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How it started

We are a group of individuals who found a gateway to freedom (financial literacy). We wanted to live life on our own terms and after seeing success wanted to help others on their journey.

There are a lot of things people get told about, but trading isn't one of them. From our point of view knowing what we know now, it’s a no brainer. We are for the people, we want to help.

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Join 100's of students on their journey with Circulus

£100/ month
The full works; all access to Circulus.
Take it to the next level

Academy is for those who are wanting all-access to material that is created for growth. This packages includes both the other packages and more, such as 5 different courses, hours of recorded content and our valued partners just to name a few.

Academy also includes our valued partners section where you can reach out to individuals at the top of their game that you may need on your journey.


100's of hours of content

Live weekly calls to learn with the mentors

Perfect for driven individuals wanting to grow


Access to all of Charts

Access to all of Crypto

Access to valued partners

Access to all courses

Access to all documents

Access to all calls

1to1 Mentorship (£50/h)
You don't have to be part of Circulus to book a call with a mentor. Book yours below!
Why Circulus?

It's a Community

Expert Support
Everyone needs a helping hand a times. We work around the clock to ensure there is one when you need.
Start to Finish Education
Everything. In on place. Forex, crypto, NFT's and more coming soon.
Proven Strategies
Everything we teach is what we use on a day to day. No BS, just the stuff that works.
High Quality Community
We want the best of the best, join the winning team!


Matt Brown

I had already been learning about trading for a few years prior to joining Circulus. I spent countless hours trying to understand how the markets function with plenty of frustration and doubt. After becoming somewhat consistent, I always felt I was missing. After joining Circulus and going through the education, I soon realised I had found what I had been looking for. My results have improved massively since joining. I know I am in the right place.

Carlos Garcia

Jason really gave us tons of insight on which projects to invest in and managed the chat with precision on any questions we’d ask he never hesitated on helping and educating us, he even set up a zoom bringing on a tax professional that have a great pedigree on doing taxes for crypto Jason helped me save tons of money on crypto taxes cause of it he’s a great educator but an even better person.

Agus Q

I like how Jason teaches because he always waits for confirmation, really patient educator, always with good energy, attracting profitable entries. He really knows what he is doing by looking at the charts - amazing structure follow and institutional order flow. I really appreciate what he does and how he has helped me get to a 6-figure portfolio


Trading is something that I never thought I’d be involved in but I’m glad I did. With the help of the people who set up Circulus, I’ve realised my ambitions aren’t just ‘dreams’ they can be fulfilled and will be. There’s an endless amount of value that I’ve received from the whole team. You don’t just get an education, you get REAL people who care about the things that are important in life.


Trading opened my eyes to another way of life. When looking at the other basketball players on my team and other players I know, it dawned on me that they don’t have the time freedom nor the financial freedom that I desired. With the help from the founders of Circulus, I have already started to see the massive progression and I’m confident with what the future holds with my time as part of this company!


I have been in the online space for a few years and trading had always peaked my interest. I have been trading for the past year now and my progress improved exponentially with guidance from the lads at Circulus. I am forever grateful for the support and the community is unmatched. 10/10 would recommend it to everyone.


Got in this game through signal pages which I soon realised didn’t work! I have now been on board with Circulus for half a year and have actually been able to learn how to trade myself and develop my skill set with endless support and training available. Now I am able to trade wherever and whenever I want. Highly recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many live sessions do I get?

Live sessions are only included within our crypto & nft package and academy. You can expect a minimum of 2 each week for crypto & NFT and a minimum of 4 in our academy package.

Do you have an annual plan?

We don't currently as we offer a pay-as-you-go service. We understand that everyone grows at different paces and want the best for our community.

Do you offer refunds?

Since our material is educational and can not be revoked, we do not offer refunds. If you have any concerns, please message us directly.

How long does it take to learn to trade?

This is like asking how long is takes to learn any other skill, everyone learns at different rates. Although, the perks are that we have everything in one place so you will learn faster than with out it.

Does it matter what country I am in?

Not at all, we already have students all over the globe and we welcome any one who is driven and wants to grow to our community.

Do I need past experience?

Circulus is inclusive for everyone no matter the experience levels, we have something for everyone.

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